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How much will it cost to have my transmission rebuilt?
The cost of a transmission repair will vary depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. By simply giving us a call (773 –276-8900) we’ll be able to give you an idea as to how much you’re going to have to invest in order to have your transmission rebuilt. But the best course of action would be to stop by our repair facility to have one of our trained technicians inspect your vehicle to make sure that a rebuilt transmission is exactly what you need. During our basic inspection we often find transmissions acting up due to a low fluid level or a faulty sensor.

How can I know if my transmission just needs a sensor replaced as opposed to needing a complete rebuild?
The first thing you would have to do is bring your vehicle to our repair facility where your vehicle will be properly diagnosed by a qualified technician. Upon arrival we will test drive your car to verify that a transmission problem is present. If your check engine light is on we will perform a scan of your computer to retrieve any trouble codes stored in the memory. The trouble codes will be a helpful guide in determining what needs to be done in order to get your transmission up and running. If the codes indicate a problem with a sensor or a solenoid that affect the performance of the transmission we would have to follow the proper diagnostic procedures for that particular code. The trouble codes are a helpful guide but they don’t pin point the problem. Once these procedures are followed it might turn out to be a minor repair rather than a complete rebuild that was needed.

How can I check my transmission fluid if my transmission doesn’t have a dipstick?
This could be a little complicated depending on what kind of vehicle you have—nonetheless it can be done. Usually it involves either removing a fill plug on the transmission or using a specialty tool to check it. Your best option will be to bring it to our repair facility and we will gladly check if for you.

If my transmission is leaking does that mean is has to be rebuilt?
Not necessarily. The first step would be to pin point the source of the leak. This will allow us to determine the best course of action. In most cases a transmission oil leak could be stopped without having to rebuild the transmission. In some cases we might recommend rebuilding a transmission instead of just sealing it because the cost ratio of sealing it is just too high. Keep in mind that if your vehicle was driven with low transmission fluid there’s a possibility that you could have caused some kind of internal damage to your transmission. Resealing a transmission that might have been damaged due to a lack of oil might not be the best investment.

Check your transmission fluid.

This is done when your vehicle is warm, therefore allow your engine to run for at least 5 to 10 minutes. With the engine still running and the shift lever in parking pull out the dipstick, dry it with a clean rag, place it back into the filler tube and when you pull it back out you’ll be able to get an accurate reading. The dipstick has marks on it indicating the high and low parameters.

The fluid is supposed to be red in color. If it’s brownish or black that’s an indication that your oil is overheated or that clutch material has contaminated your fluid. If your fluid level is low that means you might have a leak.

Check your owners manual to know when it's time to change your fluid.



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